Should I remodel before I list my home?

If you are thinking about selling your home, you are probably wondering how to get the maximum value for it. Should I remodel the bathrooms or kitchen? Should I put some money into the backyard? Maybe I should replace the air condition system?
Remodeling your home will help sell your home quicker than the neighbors. When it comes to cost vs. resale value on a particular remodel, you will be unhappy to hear that recouping the full value for the project will not happen. There are certain area’s to focus on when selling a home and recouping the costs.
The project that pays back the most is the front door. The average cost is approximately $1200 and averages a 125% return. This is usually the best place to spend your remodeling dollars. Landscaping should be second to add to your curb appeal.
Buyers expect more for their money and will gravitate to homes that are in the best condition. There are a lot of projects around the house that take more time than money to fix. Before installing a new kitchen, look if there are organizer systems that will help update and uncluttered the area. Perhaps install a new backslash, this will update the look of a kitchen at minimal expense. Buyers like a neat and tidy kitchen and these fixes may be all you need.
Before starting any projects consult your realtor and see which improvements are best for your home. Your realtor will know the area and what can help sell a home quickly for the most money.